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Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that these dice are designed and handmade by me, so please allow for some minor imperfections.  They are molded, hand poured, trimmed, sanded, and polished so dice will likely have small sanding/ tool marks or other small imperfections. Any significant visible flaws will be listed in the item description. Some imperfections may be slight tool marks, flashing marks around the low numbers, slight scratching or pitting of the dice. With inclusions there may be small bubbles even though I use a pressure pot to eliminate most bubbles, some can remain around certain inclusions. This will not interfere with rolling or the balance of the dice.

These sets and items are finished and ready to ship. However, if you want the inking changed, please leave me a message.

Finished New Design Sets (25mm D20 based large sets)

These sets are larger than the standard set. They have a 25mm d20. The dice shapes you see in the photos are the dice that come with the set. This normally includes a rhombic d12 and an elongated d8 as well as a crystal d4.

 Finished Old Design Dice Sets (Normal 20mm D20 sized sets)