I ship only to the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I do not have VAT set up to ship anywhere in Europe. I am sorry if this causes any issues. Or means you cannot order from me. If you email me I can find someone who works or ships to those areas 

Commissions are currently CLOSED!


Please be aware that I require a 50% deposit to begin working on your project, and the remainder is due when the item(s) are completed and ready to be shipped.

Before we go any further here are the prices for my custom sets. Keep in mind, these are STARTING prices, they can go up from here depending on the customizations you want to make. Other customs might require more complex pricing.

* 8 Piece Set          $120 for simple sets, $150 for slightly complicated sets, $180+ for more complicated                                          sets (ex. Terrarium sets, hand painted inserts and such)

* Extra D20               $50 +

*6D6 sets                  $60 +

*10D10 sets           $120 +

* Additional dice or accessories priced as needed. 

Also, I use PayPal for invoicing where I can allow multiple payments. As well as here on the website on the custom order payment page. So if you would like to get a set and need to pay over time that is possible. I do realize it is a large purchase and breaking it up can make it easier. Just know I will not start work until 50% has been paid and nothing will ship until the invoice is paid in full.


My dice!

My dice are now 25% larger than a normal set. The base of my set is my D20 which is 25mm face to face.  The rest of my dice are sized appropriately to go with the D20. This makes for a large set. The numbers are also very clear and readable.

For the D4 you can choose between the shard and crystal. Comparison pictures below.

I use a rhombic D12 and an elongated D8 These are now the default.

These items are handmade.

Each dice is pressure-cast, cured, sanded, polished, and inked by one person (me!) It can take over 5 hours of active labor, and over 72 hours for the whole process. Because of this - even when duplicating a design, EVERY set is unique and different.

  1. Because of the nature of handmade dice, there might be some small imperfections (light scratches and scruffs). If this will bother you, I don’t think handmade dice will be up your alley.

  2. These dice roll randomly.

  3. Lastly, please keep in mind, this takes TIME. I require a minimum of 6-8 weeks to make your dice depending on how many other commissions I have. I will keep you up to date as we go through the process!

Please consider if you’re comfortable with what you’ve read so far. If you are, then great! Read on and consider the information.



Next comes the fun part!


  1. Let me know the idea you have in mind. This includes the colors and additives (e.g. mica, color-shifting pigment, gold/silver/copper foiling) as well as technique. Feel free to ask me what I’ve got on hand (I can also order custom glitters or additives, but there will be a longer wait on that and an upcharge). Also check out the gallery for ideas.

  2. If unsure, you can share reference pictures of what you have in mind.

  3. Once we’ve figured out what you’d like, I will send you a PayPal invoice. This can be paid a little at a time. Once 50% has been paid we move on to the next step.

  4. I’ll make a test set.

  5. I will share an image of the set for approval. You get up to 3 retries further retries are $30 a set. 

  6. Any sets not approved will be finished and placed for sale in my shop as I see fit.
  7. Last step is sanding and inking. This is also your choice! Basically any color under the rainbow works. I will test on the d6 (because it’s easy to see) and send you a photo for FINAL approval.

  8. Once any balance has been paid, then the dice head off to you!


If you would still like a commission please click the button below and fill out the form. I will get back to you as soon as I can.