I ship with USPS as well as UPS if waranted. I do choose the cheapest shipping option for your package.

As I do not have VAT set up for the UK  I do not have the ability to take orders for the UK at this time. ( I am currently looking into this and recently opened shipping back up to the EU)

Shipments normally get shipped out within a week. You will recieve an email with a shipping notification and your tracking information when I print your shipping label. It may take a day or two from then to be in the postal system.

If you live somewhere I do not have shipping listed for other than the UK and you would like to order a set please contact me via email or on Facebook or Instagram. And we can figure out shipping fees and get you a paypal invoice.

Most shipping in the US is $10.

Most Shipping for International is $25.


Please keep in mind that these dice are designed and handmade by me, so please allow for some minor imperfections.  They are molded, hand poured, trimmed, sanded, and polished so dice will likely have small sanding/ tool marks or other small imperfections. Any significant visible flaws will be listed in the item description and they will be priced accordingly. Some imperfections may be slight tool marks, flashing marks around the low numbers, slight scratching or pitting of the dice. With inclusions there may be small bubbles even though I use a pressure pot to eliminate most bubbles some can remain around certain inclusions. This will not interfere with rolling or the balance of the dice.


What if I dont like the inking on a particular set?

If you dont like the inking and still want the set please put in the note section that you would like to change the inking AND also message me on on of my social media platforms so we can discuss what you do want. Social media is the easiest and quickest way to deal with choosing a new ink as i can send pictures and video of new colors quickly as well as recieve feedback quickly.  State what set you bought in your message and the order number. Most of my inking is done in acrylic paint and is easy to change. Be aware that this will add a couple of days to your shipping time.